Oh the pressure to look fabulous. Once a concern mainly for the ladies, the gender gap has narrowed, and now more than ever, men are feeling pressure to look stylish, have 6-pack abs and perfectly coiffed hair. As much as things have changed, there is no denying that the ladies are still held to a higher and practically impossible standard.

Don't worry - I'm not going to tell you that you need to live in the gym, strictly eat organic and go for a weekly colonic.  While living a generally healthy lifestyle is, of course extremely important, there's no need to go to extremes!  I love a good quick fix as much as anybody and this one is for the best looking décolletage.

What is the décolletage you ask? Well, put quite simply, it's your cleavage, and the almighty cleavage confronts the same signs of aging that the face encounters. Now while I don't have personal experience with this particular quick fix, the ladies in my office all swear by it. We all take care of the skin on our faces with the best treatment products, so why not up the ante for a hot night on the town? If you're already an M+G devotee, you probably know how amazing our Detox Face Mask is for the face; it works the same magic when I applied to your chest. Whether you're hitting up the beach in your teeny polka dot bikini or going out for a glamorous dinner in your favorite little black dress, you want to put your best, er, face forward. The Detox Face Mask will leave the skin of your cleavage looking clearer and feeling smooth and soft.  Follow this with a couple of drops of our fabulous Replenishing Face Serum for an instantly brightening and plumping affect and then our top selling Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer for long lasting moisture retention.

Now- go wield those feminine wiles!

Brian Lynch,  National Training Manager