By: Erica, National Training Manager.

I was lucky enough to spend 3 training-filled days visiting accounts and staff in Chicago! The windy city turned out to be the rainy city, but the friendly faces made up for my soggy state. I loved training our accounts. From Haberdash, a mens clothing store + apothecary to Smith & Davis, a beautiful salon in Lincoln Park, I repeatedly found myself in niche spots that inspired me to update everything from my hairstyle or my closet. Visiting our out of town accounts in person, takes me back to our brand. We carefully select where MALIN+GOETZ is retailed because we tell a clear, concise story and we want that story present in every location we are found. This trip reminded me how defined the MALIN+GOETZ brand is and why I’m so passionate about my job. Our retailers are each telling their own story and MALIN+GOETZ is lucky enough to be a chapter in each of their worlds. My time in Chicago quickly came to an end, but I came back to New York with fresh eyes and an even greater love for what I do! Find a store here.


Haberdash, Chicago