Coupled Up
By: Erica, National Training Manager


Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is about pampering the one I love most…ME. Here are some of my favorite pampering tips and M+G product pairs that you can indulge in solo, or with that special someone.

First, set the tone with candles. Two of my favorites are the Otto and Vetiver Candles. Otto has bright, floral notes, while vetiver is grassy and woodsy. When combined, these candles blend to create a garden-like scent.

Next, time to get steamy! Chamomile Oil and Rose Body Wash may not seem to be a conventional couple, but they create a surprising effect when paired together. Fill up the tub and add a few pumps of the Chamomile Treatment Oil and Rose Hand+Body Wash for a hydrating and soothing bath. The herbal chamomile and calming rose fragrances help me relax, and the nourishing properties of both the oil and body wash leave my skin soft.

The last step in my indulgent evening of pampering is simple – Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer. This is hands down my favorite moisturizer. It keeps my skin dewy, plump and hydrated all day long. The fresh bergamot smell doesn’t linger so I can spritz on my favorite fragrance…which is the Moroccan Fig EDT, by the way.