Keep Calm and Carry-On

Travel Smart

Now that it’s finally summer and getaway season has officially arrived, it’s time to get packing. Most of us don’t want to rely on iffy hotel soaps and shampoos when we’re on the road, but we also don’t want to spend time decanting our favorite toiletries into small jars and bottles. One of our secrets to efficient packing is to stock up on TSA-approved, travel sets like our essential kit. This trusty package lets you take your favorites to go so you can spend less time packing and more time finding that perfect Airbnb rental.

Take It To Go

Warm weather getaways can take a toll on our skin. Thanks to sweaty days, salt water, chlorine and sunscreen, our face, body and hair needs extra TLC during the summer. The essential kit includes our best sellers--all sized to fly. Each item is a multitasking staple and part of our simple 2-step regimens. Here’s the lowdown on everything in the travel set and how to use it.

For The Face

Unlike traditionally harsh detergents or soaps that can strip or irritate skin, our grapefruit face cleanser gently cleans and purifies all skin types, even the most sensitive. It’s a great multitasker too, removing makeup and rinsing residue free so you can skip toner. After cleansing, apply our essential vitamin e face moisturizer to clean, dry skin. Another multitasker that gently hydrates and balances, it doubles as a makeup base or soothing after-shave.

For The Body

Our refreshing bergamot body wash is gentle enough to use daily on all skin types, including sensitive and eczema prone skin, which can be especially delicate during the summer. The foaming cleansing gel rinses thoroughly and can be used as both a body wash and as a foaming bath. Follow it up with our vitamin b5 body moisturizer, an intensive and nourishing treatment that hydrates skin without leaving a slippery or greasy finish.

For The Hair

Summer sun and beach days can wreak havoc on hair. Our bestselling peppermint shampoo effectively purifies and balances all hair and scalp types. Unlike traditionally harsh detergents, it’s gentle enough for daily use and leaves hair soft and silky. Our cilantro conditioner is a gentle, daily conditioner that hydrates and pH balances all hair types without irritating the scalp. Use it as a daily conditioner, leave-in treatment, cleansing rinse or styling aid to smooth, soften and tame frizz.

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Written by Lisa Hom.