Press For Progress

The struggle for gender equality is not about one appointed day –  and our passion for gender equality ought not be relegated to a single calendar date. So why do we celebrate? We passionately embrace International Women’s Day because this is our opportunity to reflect, and reaffirm our commitment for gender equality, civil liberties, dignity, progress and human rights. So, it is a very important day to us indeed.

As I look around the Malin+Goetz office, I see so much to be proud. Not only do I see so many women, but I see women working and excelling in high level positions, often deemed the sole domain of men. We have women running our Digital Department, Finance Department, Product Development and Manufacturing, Creative Departments, Marketing and Sales. Women make up a good portion of the leaders here, and those that are not yet leaders will have the opportunity to be the leaders of the future.

And yet we live in a very challenging time. Hardly a day passes without hearing about another abuse of power, or worse; sexual crimes. We have a president that is an admitted sexual predator, and a good portion of our Congress is committed more to Faustian tax breaks, devoid of moral outrage.

So, on International Women’s Day – we focus on our potential, our struggle, our accomplishments, our mothers, our sisters, our female friends and work colleagues, and the hope one day we will no longer need to mark our calendars.

Written by Andrew Goetz