Q+A with Sarah Leff + Jonathan Cohen, the founders of Jonathan Cohen Studios.

How and when was Jonathan Cohen Studios born?

The conversation started our freshman year at Parsons. (2006) We said one day after years of experience in the industry we would start a brand together. Post college and lack of color/print in market, we decided to give it a go. We reached out to 20 mentors in the industry and heard back from 12 that first week. Figured there was no better time to start. Have not looked back since.

Can you tell us a little more about what it means to be a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Runner Up?

The entire experience was incredible. What Vogue and CFDA have created is unlike any other industry. To be apart of a community that's sole purpose is to see young companies flourish is quite special. I am grateful for every moment of the program and what it has brought to us. The support and mentorship is extraordinary.

Why did you choose to use MALIN + GOETZ backstage at your first fashions how?

Jonathan: I have been using Malin + Goetz since it first launched. I have always loved the product and felt it was the perfect match for the brand. Their attention to making high quality products is what our company stands for as well. I also love the colorful packaging and how they have presented the brand. No matter where I go, I can always spot Malin + Goetz!

Sarah: Jonathan and I both are VERY into skincare. There is nothing more important than prepping the skin before makeup, Malin + Goetz came to mind one night when I was using one of the products!

When you think of MALIN + GOETZ, what's the first word that comes to mind?

Sarah: Refreshed!

Jonathan: NEED!

What neighborhood do you live in?

Sarah: Recently moved to the UES.

Jonathan: Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Where is your favorite coffee shop?

Sarah: I love Irving Coffee.

Jonathan: The West in Williamsburg.

What's your favorite neighborhood restaurant?

Sarah: Our studio is located on the Bowery, so favorite neighborhood spot is Uncle Boons! We order in from Uncle Boon Sister for lunches.

Jonathan: Sazume on Lorimer St.

What's your favorite park in the world?

Sarah: Luxembourg Gardens.
Jonathan: Central Park.

What does your home smell like?

Sarah: I prefer clean linen/light floral smells. However, my house always smells like cookies or whatever I am cooking.

Jonathan: It depends what flowers I have!

What is your favorite Sunday activity?

Sarah: Hot Yoga in the morning, Sunday night dinners with friends.

Jonathan : I love riding my bike around town. I often ride my bike to the Brooklyn Museum with friends or alone. Its great to just go around the city.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Sarah: Would love to do a safari during the Serengeti Migration. However, in need of a major beach vacation!

Jonathan: It's been an amazing year, but I am diffidently in need of a vacation. So anywhere on a beach would be GREAT. Hawaii comes to mind at the moment.

What are the results on your skin from traveling as much as you do?

Sarah: It definitely takes a toll. I am adamant about not flying with makeup on and am that person who travels with mini serums and lotions. You will also find a big bottle of water in my bag!

Jonathan: The one issue I always come in contact with when I travel is dehydration. I try to take as best care of my skin while I travel. The Malin + Goetz eye cream feels great on a plane and keeps my under eyes looking fresh for when I land and have to go straight to a meeting. Also water is KEY.

If you were going to a deserted island, which MALIN + GOETZ product would you bring?

Sarah: Without a question, Recovery Treatment Oil! (and the mojito lip balm).

Jonathan: SPF 30 face moisturizer. Keep the skin protected from sun damage!

What other skincare products/other brands do you absolutely love?

Sarah: I have been using M+G Recovery Treatment Oil for day, Pai Rosehip oil at night. I swap between Sunday Riley Martian during the week and Good Genes for weekend. Rodial Dragonblood Mask and Klorane patches are my two favorites for long flights. Also the M+G Detox Face Mask and Omorovicza Mud mask are my two weekly treatments.

Jonathan: I get a lot of my products from a local place in Brooklyn called Brooklyn Herborium. Everything is made in the back of the shop with organic products. It has very little to no chemicals, which is great for my sensitive skin. I also love Glossier lip balm as my lips can get pretty dry. Also anything that @superhelder recommends!

What's your favorite hotel in the world?

Sarah: I love the Ritz Carlton in Kuala Lumpur!

Jonathan: So I haven't been but I am DYING to go to AMANGIRI. Maybe this should have been my answer to question 11 haha!

If you have a dog, where is his favorite place to walk?

Jonathan: My new years resolution was to get a dog this year so stay tuned!

What's your biggest vice?

Sarah: I fall asleep with my laptop and phone in bed. I have a hard time disconnecting.

Jonathan : I lick my lips a lot, which dries them out a lot. I wish it were a habit I could stop.