This past weekend, I had my first summer picnic in the park! I must say, it was THE perfect day for it - not too hot, a nice breeze and lots of white puffy clouds. Here’s how M+G got me ready for my day out!

  • Peppermint Body Scrub - I thoroughly buffed my legs for a close shave. The peppermint wakes you up while liquid bamboo and pumice gently exfoliate dead skin!
  • Vitamin E Shave Cream - This treatment shave cream softens my skin and prevents razor burn. My legs may be super pale, but they were also super soft! Moisturizer not even needed – don’t be wasteful!
  • Sage Styling Cream - Not only am I pale, but I have fine hair too…I know, I’m a mess. Because my hair is so limp, I like that tousled, “brush hasn’t touched these tresses in days” - look to give the illusion of bountiful locks. After I shampoo and condition, I run a pea sized drop of Sage Styling Cream through my damp hair for that “day at the beach” look.  I air dry and I’m on my way.

The next step was finding the perfect tree to relax under. I lucked out! The park wasn’t crowded and I secured a spot under a big tree to lend me shade and give me somewhere to tie up my spirited Yorkie.

Here’s what wrapped up lovely Sunday in the park -

  • Neroli Hand + Body Lotion - After a sticky day in the sun, the Neroli Hand + Body lotion is perfect for my sun kissed shoulders. Neroli is calming and soothing and hyaluronic acid puts moisture back into my scorched skin.
  • Grapefruit Face Cleanser - After my glorious day of frolicking through the grass, I’m sweaty and petrified of a potential pimple. But I know that’s not a real concern, because I wash my face with the grapefruit face cleanser before bed. Grapefruit kills bacteria, cuts oil and dirt, but the hydrating gel cleanser balances my skin. Ah, so fresh!

It was truly a perfect day in the shade!