andrew goetz and matthew malin with isaora

Matthew Malin purchased this Isaora jacket, modeling here with Marc Daniels and his partner, Karelin (and their dog) at the Wieden+Kennedy Pop Up Shop. Both Marc and Karelin are M+G customers. I asked if I could share the skincare advice I gave Marc and Karelin while at the event.

Karelin--who has nearly perfect skin, was concerned with acne. She has a few hardly noticeable little bumps on her forehead. It is a hot and humid summer in NYC, and, perspiration most likely created some unwanted oiliness near her hairline. I recommended our Grapefruit Face Cleanser which she loved. She doesn't moisturize in the summer, and, if oily enough, it is fine not to.

Marc asked about enlarged pores. This is a more common question for both women and men. There is a simple answer: as we age, our skin sags and our pores become larger as we loose skin elasticity. As such, it is easier to see clogged pores. While the Grapefruit Face Cleanser is the best every day choice for maintenance, the Jojoba Face Scrub works to dislodge dirt and oil (make-up, etc.) trapped in the pores, giving them a clean and "smaller" appearance.

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