all eyes on eucalyptus.

In a world where wellness has become a trending hashtag, there is a reason why eucalyptus continues to garner so much attention. Loved not only for its refreshing scent and charming coin-shaped leaves, eucalyptus has been used by humans for thousands of years, from ancient Australian aboriginals to WWI military physicians. With a long-standing reputation as a cure-all, eucalyptus is a tried, tested and true ingredient with countless potential benefits.

Believed to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, eucalyptus oil has been used for everything from healing wounds to fighting coughs to soothing muscle pain, in not only Aboriginal medicine, but traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and European herbal remedies. Here at MALIN+GOETZ, we've continued to spread the gospel for the past decade and a half, quietly adding a dose of the extract in this and that product, just like the apothecaries of yesteryear used to prescribe.

the MALIN+GOETZ way.

Combining natural ingredients with modern technology is the cornerstone of our brand philosophy, and we take pride in the efficacious formulas we develop from botanical extracts. Our aluminum-free eucalyptus deodorant, for one, was one of the first clean options on the market to effectively deodorize armpits. Ten years later, it continues to be our #1 best selling product. Harnessing the cooling properties of its namesake ingredient, this sleek stick glides on smoothly, absorbs quickly without residue and doesn't disrupt the body's natural perspiration functions.

Found also in our dandruff shampoo, eucalyptus extract adds a touch of aromatherapy to a product usually deemed unsexy. FDA-approved as an OTC drug, this product is infused with active pyrithione zinc, which effectively treats the causes of dandruff while eucalyptus gently soothes the scalp.

Those unbothered by flakes can still indulge in an aromatic shower experience with eucalyptus hand + body wash. Equally happy on your sink or in your shower, this multitasker turns the process of cleansing into a spa experience, whether you're washing your hands or spending hours in the bath.


With such soothing and therapeutic qualities at hand, we'd be remiss not to include eucalyptus in our skincare as well. Paired with lavender in the facial cleansing oil, this fragrant duo helps purify, balance and prep your delicate facial skin for the rest of your routine.